Since young age I have been interested in design, technology, materials and the arts. Today, my expertise includes over 9 years of experience within the design field, including a foundation course in painting and drawing, a Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture, Architectural Studies, several internships and 5 years of work experience within the interior design/architecture field in England and Sweden. 2016 I established my own interior design company KAi and have since then worked as a freelance interior designer exploring independent work and planning.

I have designed many commercial and public interior spaces, as well as architectural extensions and renovations of private homes of varying sizes and budgets. I have also created new designs for facades, signs and entrances. Through various job positions I have broadened my knowledge taking on tasks such as: site surveying, planning applications, plan and detail drawings, material and furniture specifications, as well as concept presentations. I have also gained relevant skills such as realistic managing time frames, the importance of teamwork, accuracy, achieving the customer’s goals and sticking to a set budget. I also have a great interest in concepts that stretches across different kinds of design and I strive to implement new products that creates innovative approaches. The opportunity to study and work in two different countries has also helped me develop an understanding of the myriad of different cultures within architecture and design. As a result, I have developed a broad knowledge with a focus on interior design and visual concepts.

Besides my interest of design, I also enjoy sport activities and the outdoors, photography, languages, music and to generally socialise and meet new people. I am an enthusiastic, outgoing and positive individual who is constantly intrigued by new experiences that can both drive and educate me.